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Just a note to say I left your course feeling empowered and excited about what I had learned and inspired to learn more! I really appreciated your Real Guy approach to sharing your wisdom. Your class was a lot of fun, packed with information, and I thought the practical lessons we did in groups and in pairs really helped me secure what I was learning. The “Weakest Link” game at the end of the class was also a fun tool in helping me to remember the information I had learned and you’ve illustrated to me that learning can be fun, which I think is invaluable in trying to comprehend and retain so much information in so little time. I found your disposition to be extremely enthusiastic and encouraging, which I’m sure aided a lot of the students in overcoming their apprehension at the amount of material we were covering and our ability to retain and apply it when the situation arose. Thank you for making my First Aid learning experience such a memorable one (that was the point wasn’t it?) and I wish you well in all your endeavours.

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