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Get the Event First Response Team that know the Right Reaction!

You’re organizing an event and you want to provide a safe environment. Right Reaction’s First Aid Services Team (FAST) is comprised of advanced trained first responders who provide advanced first aid care to the ill or injured person. Right Reaction’s team responds with oxygen administration and our well-stocked trauma bag to care for injuries. We also bring our own Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

Right Reaction’s Event First Response Team is available for any event including:

  • Sports Tournaments
  • Festivals
  • Community Events
  • School Events

Help ensure the safety of your guests and participants.

Don’t take chances – get the team that knows the Right Reaction.

Contact us today for information and pricing.


Party Guard - Lifeguarding Service

Let Us Watch The Pool While You Enjoy The Party!

When you host a party, you have so much to do. The cake, the presents, meeting new arrivals and socializing with guests. It’s hard to worry about the safety of everyone in your pool too. Why worry? Leave the pool to us!

Right Reaction Party Guard provides a certified lifeguard to supervise your pool and ensure the safety of everyone in the pool. We take the worry out of hosting a pool party and the peace of mind to enjoy your party.

2 options are available:

1. Party Guard – a lifeguard to supervise your pool during the pool party

  • 2 hr minimum

2. Party Guard PLUS – a lifeguard to supervise your pool during the pool party & run games & activities

  • 2 hr minimum
  • Lifeguard will run pool games & activities for swimmers

**A 20 minute break for every 2 hrs is required for the lifeguard when working more than 2 hours**

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