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Meet Our Staff

Right Reaction's History

Right Reaction was born in the basement of Brad’s parents’ home in 1998.

Brad & his sister, Julie, worked as lifeguards and swim instructors while in high school.  While Julie was in grade 12, she was assigned a co-op placement at the Canadian Red Cross Hamilton Branch.  Julie did her placement in the First Aid department at the Hamilton Red Cross and learned about the first aid instructor program and becoming a training partner of the Red Cross.  She shared this information with Brad.  As lifeguards and swim instructors, Brad & Julie were already trained in first aid, so they trained to become first aid instructors and then applied to become a Red Cross Training Partner.  They were accepted and in 1996, Right Reaction was born.

Right Reaction trained for lifeguards, camp staffs, companies and individuals in first aid for a number of years.  Brad & Julie ran Right Reaction as a part-time company as they completed high school and college and got into their full-time jobs.  Eventually, Julie became very busy with her full-time job and two children and decided to leave Right Reaction.

Brad continued to work at his full-time job and continued Right Reaction, as time allowed.  In 2006, he grew frustrated with his full-time job and decided that he wanted to take Right Reaction full-time.  On February 17, 2006, Right Reaction became a full-time business that offered First Aid & CPR/AED training and Summer Swim Lessons.

A simple, overlapping, orange ‘RR’ logo with ‘squiggles’ and block letter script was created to be the Right Reaction logo.

In the Spring of 2006, was created and went live. Brad continued to take additional instructor level courses and began offering Marine First Aid, the Babysitting Course and even Pet First Aid.  In 2008, Brad became a First Responder and EMR instructor.

Right Reaction celebrated its 5th anniversary in Feb 2011.  Brad became a Red Cross Instructor Trainer soon after and taught new instructors.

In 2012, Brad was granted a trademark for the name Right Reaction.  Brad is awarded as Top Instructor Trainer and Red Cross Training Partner of the Year.

Right Reaction celebrated its 10th anniversary in Feb 2016.  Brad is awarded the Forty Under 40 Business Achievement Award for Right Reaction.

In January 2018, the new website became live our new logo and script was created.

Right Reaction will celebrate its 15th anniversary on Feb 17, 2021.


Training Partners

What is a Red Cross Training Partner?

A Training Partner (TP) is an individual or company licensed by the Red Cross to teach Red Cross programs. Basically, a RC TP is like a franchisee of the Red Cross.

A Training Partner:

  • Is certified by the Red Cross
  • Uses Red Cross manuals & materials
  • Issues Red Cross certifications (upon successful completion)

Taking a course with a Red Cross Training Partner is the same as taking a course at the Red Cross. So why not contact Right Reaction for your next Red Cross course!

Canadian Red Cross logo

Training Services

Training Partners fall into 2 categories. They can be authorized to teach first aid services or water safety services.  In many cases, an TP is certified in both.

First Aid Services

Training Partners fall into 2 categories. They can be authorized to teach first aid services or water safety services.  In many cases, an TP is certified in both.

First Aid Programs:

  • Standard First Aid + CPR/AED
  • Emergency First Aid + CPR/AED

Advanced First Aid Programs:

  • First Responder
  • Emergency Medical Responder
  • Oxygen Administration

Wilderness First Aid Programs:

  • Wilderness & Remote First Aid
  • Advanced Wilderness & Remote First Aid

Youth Programs:

  • Babysitting
  • StaySafe!

Marine Training:

  • Marine Advanced First Aid
  • Marine Basic First Aid

Specialty Training:

  • Standard Child Care First Aid
  • Emergency Child Care First Aid
  • Sport First Aid
  • Pet First Aid

Water Safety Services

  • Red Cross Swim Preschool (7 levels)
  • Red Cross Swim Kids (10 levels)
  • Red Cross Swim Adult
  • Red Cross Water Safety Instructor


Right Reaction runs such an awesome Emergency Medical Responder course!  Over the course of 8 days, I learned so much and I had a great time too.   The instructors at Right Reaction are very knowledgeable.  Having a small group course made it very easy to learn the material quickly.  There was also a lot of time to ask questions and get hands-on experience during the scenarios.  Definitely a course worth taking!  Well done Brad @ Right Reaction!

– Alex L, Firefighting Student

Just wanted to pass on my appreciation on behalf of the members who attended the First Aid training session the last two days. Brad was the instructor and I heard nothing but positive comments from the candidates in the course. In fact, one member said that if we hold another course in the future to specifically ask for Brad next time! Thanks.

- Pat

Thank you Brad for the great job you did with our CPR recertification course. Although our staff does re-certify yearly; you kept our interest, we learned new skills and the pace was quick, yet thorough. We look forward to having you return to the Dental Centre next year! Sincerest thanks.

- Georgina

Hi Brad. Thanks so much for making the course so much fun to take! I really enjoyed it. I will definitely re-certify with you in 3 years, as well as recommend you to my family and friends. Thank you!

- Nicole
University Student

Hi Brad. Thanks once again. We wanted to let you know that we found the course very useful and appreciated the advantages of a small class, allowing for good discussions.

- Peter and Donna

Hi Brad. I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the training provided earlier this week. I attended the recertification course and found your session very helpful and informative. I was previously certified under St. John Ambulance and found the Red Cross training more true to life. You were able to relate the practices and procedures you taught to real life situations and you were very knowledgeable and confident. I didn’t get the sense that you teach the course as your job but rather because you truly felt you were helping others. Thank you!

- Lisa

Just wanted to pass along my thanks for re-certifying my CPR/Standard First Aid last weekend. I enjoyed the day. I have been taking CPR/First Aid for approximately 25 years and have held my instructors certification on a few occasions in the past. (It is amazing how much you can forget in a 3 year period). I am now back in a position where I plan to obtain my instructor certification once again and was grateful for this recent upgrade. When I get the opportunities to take courses from other instructors, I am always looking for new methods and techniques, in an effort to improve my own courses. They say the greatest form of flattery is when others copy you – and let me say that I found it easy to pick up ideas from you which I hope to incorporate into future courses. Thanks again.

- Wallace
First Aid Instructor

Hi Brad. Thanks again for coming to teach our First Aid course. I’ve gotten great feedback from the team members that attended, and all are pretty excited about their new skills! The course was very well done. From a teacher’s perspective; you did a great job with your topic delivery and the use of teaching aids – it made the material interesting and easy to follow. Thanks again and I look forward to working with you in the future.

- Celeste
Health Foods Grocery, In-Store Educator

Just a note to say I left your course feeling empowered and excited about what I had learned and inspired to learn more! I really appreciated your Real Guy approach to sharing your wisdom. Your class was a lot of fun, packed with information, and I thought the practical lessons we did in groups and in pairs really helped me secure what I was learning. The “Weakest Link” game at the end of the class was also a fun tool in helping me to remember the information I had learned and you’ve illustrated to me that learning can be fun, which I think is invaluable in trying to comprehend and retain so much information in so little time. I found your disposition to be extremely enthusiastic and encouraging, which I’m sure aided a lot of the students in overcoming their apprehension at the amount of material we were covering and our ability to retain and apply it when the situation arose. Thank you for making my First Aid learning experience such a memorable one (that was the point wasn’t it?) and I wish you well in all your endeavours.

- Anonymous

Hi Brad. You taught a course here at the beginning of April. I just wanted to let you know that I had the unfortunate opportunity to use my newly acquired skills several weeks ago when I had my family over for dinner and my Aunt began to choke. She actually went limp in my arms as I was doing the abdominal thrusts but I was able to dislodge the piece of meat for her and she was just fine. So I just wanted to say thank you for helping me have the “Right Reaction”. I don’t want to imagine what would have happened if I hadn’t known what to do. I tell people you come highly recommended!! Kindest regards and many thanks.

- Anna
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